Let Assimilated Safety simplify your world

Improve communication and reduce complexity by limiting frustrations. Gain enhanced productivity, safety and develop the culture you desire.

safety due diligence

As safety consultants Assimilated Safety are experts in communication. The lead consultant, Natalee Johnston, has extensive experience in human factors, leadership, compliance and auditing. She can help you decipher process complexities to reduce frustrations and confusion. Natalee can help guide you to a simpler, safer and more effective workplace.

As we navigate the changing world during and post the COVID19 pandemic, employers and employees are coming to terms with working within flexible and distant practices. The requirements to maintain employee and customer safety only add layers to an already complex regulatory system. Simplifying processes and enhancing communication save time and can enhance employee satisfaction. Business’ need their people to have clarity; in what is expected and how business is to be done, in order to prevent safety incidents and/or delays in product delivery.

By building clarity in communication and simplifying process a business can develop the desired safety and work culture. Positively impacting employee engagement, productivity and ultimately client experience.

Safety Consultants keeping it simple

Unsure about what our safety consultants can offer?

Assimilated Safety consultants offer an initial review to help you assess the areas of potential enhancement. She will then work with you to develop a plan that works for your organisation size and industry.

Safety Consultants checking compliance

Determine current process effectiveness to achieve simplicity and clarity

Safety Consultants specialise in communicating ideas

Develop workforce communication to enhance productivity and professional mastery

Safety consultants help develop positive safety culture

Educate your people on the desired culture and teach them how to be the best they can.

Aviation Specialisation

Natalee has extensive experience in the aviation industry. She understands the need for companies to ensure the safety of operation. Natalee offers a number of Aviation Specific training packages to provide peace of mind for owners and operators. Training your workforce and/or students so they understand their own limitations, how to effectively communicate and make decisions means they are able to operate at their optimum. Training includes:

Non-Technical Skills (CRM)

Risk Management – Deliberate and Immediate

Safety Reporting and Investigation


Natalee applies her experiences and knowledge to everyday activities, from management to training, communication in the workplace to those challenging conversations at home, leadership that has worked and those times it has not.