ICARAS Workshop

Supporting your SMS with Safety Culture and Decision Making

Thank you for joining me during the workshop. My thoughts on the questions are below and once received I will collate your Chat responses from the breakout sessions so you can have a chance to digest what each of you had to say, please get in contact if you would like to run a similar workshop for your organisation. The links to the documents that I used for our case study are also included.

Positive Safety Culture and clear Decision Making are needed for any Safety Management System (SMS) to be effective.

During the workshop we discussed:

What safety culture is, its importance and what is the ideal. Also how it will influence behaviours around your SMS.

How decisions are made, how suboptimal decisions are identified and actions that can be taken to rectify. Elaborating further onto how you want your people to make decision particularly when they influence the safety of your operation.

Workshop CHAT Maps